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Applying a visionary approach, back in 2009, our President Francisco Diaz-Masso pioneered the implementation of renewable energy in Puerto Rico with one of the first solar generating projects to be installed at its own headquarters rooftop  (130 KW). The success and this first “hands-on ” experience led BLDM to obtain various rooftop solar projects form major retailers such as Wal-Mart,   Sam’s Club, and Coca-Cola Bottlers. Many of these projects required to be performed during normal operational hours, and we were able to execute without any disruption to the store operations.

BLDM’s performance  and  success on these commercial renewable energy projects were subsequently transmitted to the utility size market. To this date,  BLDM has performed 3 of the 4 large scale utility renewable energy projects comprised of both solar and wind farms. These projects represent more than 140 MW of installed renewable energy and projected  BLDM  LLC as the clear leader in the industry.

We continue to be actively engaged in exploring the most efficient and cost-effective ways of using finite resources to protect the environment and benefit our clients. The company is partnering on the development of other solar- and wind-powered projects.

Similarly, our Green Energy Division is actively involved in the planning and development of biofuel processing facilities,  where plants and other natural materials are converted into fuel. The company is also participating in the gasification of refuse or turning trash into gas for energy.

Our company has turned green from the bottom up. For example, most of our rolling-stock fleet runs primarily on propane gas instead of gasoline, and we recycle as much construction material as possible to protect the environment and serve the community.

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