• Bermúdez, Longo, Díaz-Massó, LLC is committed to improving the quality of life in the communities where we live and work. We consider ourselves in partnership with our employees and our communities, working toward an environment that enhances the quality of life for everyone. We believe in good citizenship. Our efforts go beyond a basic commitment for responsible construction services, to investing resources, both human and financial, in our communities.

These investments include:

  • Making cash and in-kind contributions to local nonprofit organizations that serve our communities and best respond to the issues and needs of our customers and employees
  • Encouraging employee volunteerism and community involvement
  • Initiating or supporting responsive projects and programs that enhance the quality of life in our neighborhoods
  • Visiting job fairs
  • Built-up, on-site program in public schools


Bermúdez, Longo, Díaz-Massó, LLC adheres to a policy of strict compliance with the laws and regulations governing its business. Legal and ethical business practices create a positive and productive work atmosphere in which we can feel proud of ourselves, our work and our company. We expect and work to ensure that each of our employees understands and complies with all company policies. This includes adherence to the company’s Employee Manual, and diligence in seeking to prevent, detect and report any unethical or illegal conduct or other conduct that does not comply with company policy. As a company, we affirm our ongoing commitment to establishing policies and developing effective internal controls that will promote adherence to applicable legal requirements, our standards of business ethics, our compliance policies and procedures, and the requirements of federal, state and private customer programs.


  • At BLDM, we are committed to being an Equal Employment and Affirmative Action employer. We understand the value of diversity in our workforce and actively seek opportunities for incorporating diversity within our company.

We embrace and celebrate the unique qualities of our employees including race, gender, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation and national origin. We also recognize that our company is enhanced by employees’ various opinions and viewpoints. Diversity enriches our work environment and results in our being able to better meet the needs of our customers.

BLDM, LLC strives to provide every employee an equal opportunity to succeed professionally. Our work environment is one wherein every employee is treated with dignity and respect. Decisions about employment, training, compensation and promotion are based on job-related qualifications.

Not only does our company prohibit discrimination but also our policy explicitly prohibits sexual harassment or harassment of any nature in the workplace. We offer a high-performing and supportive work environment that enables our employees to achieve personal and professional fulfillment. Working together ensures our success in achieving our business and industry goals.

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