• Bermúdez, Longo, Díaz-Massó, LLC is the largest, locally owned, specialty contractor in the Caribbean. We rank 1st in the electrical and mechanical contractors classification and 3rd when classified as a construction company. The path we have embarked upon – to be the leading specialty contractor focused on a diverse industry base – is helping us achieve our goals of providing stable financial results and a platform to grow from. In addition to achieving solid financial performance, we continued to successfully integrate new construction divisions and expand our market segments into the Caribbean and Florida, USA. As part of this integration process, we created overall standards of excellence throughout our operations and streamlined operations to improve construction efficiencies. We made significant strides in reducing corporate overhead costs while continuing to retain and attract talented people to help us achieve our growth objectives. Through creating stronger synergies within our operations, restructuring our corporate staff and taking the steps to provide financial flexibility for future growth, today’s BLDM, LLC is a leaner and more cost-efficient organization that will continue to exceed our customers’ needs. These accomplishments position us to make BLDM, LLC an even stronger company in years to come.


  • The Company’s growth is the result of the amount of repeated business received from clients who have found it convenient and profitable to retain Bermúdez, Longo, Díaz-Massó, LLC as their preferred subcontractor. Another important factor that contributed toward our sustained growth is customer diversification. The company participates in a wide array of industry sectors, usually performing better in those that grow while stabilizing in those that fail. In the coming years it is essential to focus on our expansion and sustainability plans. So, we are focused on the evolution of BLDM Linc, telecommunications and pursuing new projects for BLDM USA in South Florida.  We know that to be successful we must develop new competencies in our people to achieve this. We believe that continuous learning of our resources are key to continue doing extraordinary things.


  • In an industry where 70% of start-up companies fail, the need for a stable construction partner becomes the first priority. Construction companies come and go, 40% of the contractors you saw five years ago do not exist today! Bermúdez, Longo, Díaz-Massó, LLC been there for more than half a century, delivering high-quality construction services with unmatched reliability. We are supported by one of the most advanced Finance and Accounting departments in the local industry. More than 20 professionals, among them accountants, MBA’s, financial advisors and consultants perform day to day activities to guarantee the financial stability and health of the company. This provides our customers with the assured peace of mind that their projects will be completed as planned.
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