BLDM USA LLC is our Florida Licensed entity supported by the Back Office of BLDM LLC in San Juan, Puerto Rico. BLDM USA LLC’s office is located in Coral Gables and was created in 2015 in order to pursue our market expansion in the southeastern United States dedicated to water and waste water specialty work performing both electrical and mechanical trades. BLDM USA LLC is a Certified General Contractor (CGC 1523946), Certified Mechanical Contractor (CMC 1250617) and Certified Electrical Contractor (EC-13008143) in the State of Florida.

BLDM USA LLC has already completed 2 projects totaling approximately $5 million USD for Collier County, performing multiple lift station replacements.

With every project we have maintained very high levels of satisfaction with our clients. In performing both electrical and mechanical trades, BLDM excels at providing integrated solutions for complex projects.

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