More than half a century has passed since our founding partners decided to embark on this great journey. Everything BLDM has accomplished throughout all these years deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated. Although time changes many things, there are some basic principles that are unwavering, and for us, customer satisfaction remains a foundational belief driving everything we do.

People ask how we have managed to stay motivated throughout these difficult times and within an industry that has been experiencing continuous downturns and challenges to stay afloat. We have been able to see those challenges as opportunities to grow and stand out from the rest. Needless to say that all of this has been accomplished because we have a team of talented and expertly trained professionals, committed to the work on hand and the success of each project. That commitment has evolved into creating a family of good and noble people, willing to put all the effort and energy at the service of this country.

Like every other successful company, BLDM has evolved to become the greatest and most successful specialty construction company in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Thousands of projects add up to our long list of completed jobs, and a longer list of satisfied repeating clients and exceptional employees that have worked for BLDM.

We find ourselves in a moment where we need to embrace this opportunity to keep growing and expanding and take each opportunity to build a brighter future! For the upcoming years, it is essential to focus on our expansion plans of sustainability. This is why we are concentrated on the evolution of Linc Services, Telecommunication services and pursuing new projects in South Florida. We are determined and conscious that we need to have competent people to be successful. And that is why we believe that constant training and education to our most valuable resource, our employees, is the key to keep creating extraordinary things.

I am more than grateful for everyone that has devoted all the energy and effort to make all these years very successful. I feel completely overwhelmed and proud to be part of this amazing team of winners, and even more excited for the next successful decade!

Francisco Díaz-Massó
President & CEO

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