Personnel & Organization Development


Selecting the best candidates is one of BLDM top priorities. A project’s success depends on successful people. We use all resources available to ensure the availability of top notch professionals, technicians and labor in the company. Background checks, credentials, references and drug testing are methods commonly used for these matters.


Under the leadership of our supervisors, our field labor force, averaging over 900 skilled & semi-skilled craftsmen, is firmly bound to the company and its objectives. Thirty percent of the personnel has been with the company for more than fifteen (15) years and sixty percent for more than seven (7) years.


BLDM offers training and further education in almost all aspects of our business. We provide our personnel with the courses and seminars to upgrade the professional skills and to improve the creative and critical competence of their work.


Our emphasis on the value of recognizing an individual’s effort through a profit sharing program, awards and merit shop environments, BLDM, LLC’s management has demonstrated a special desire and capability to achieve. This translates into strong supervisors who have evolved from within the company. It also promotes a loyal following of first class craftsmen who advance through the ranks of field supervision. Merit shop, open opportunities, and steady growth are the fundamental reasons behind BLDM, LLC’s capability to maintain and attract top level personnel.