From The President


When our company was established in 1962, the founding partners had one goal in mind, to provide competitive quality service. More than fifty years later that commitment is the core mission of our company. At BLDM we strive to serve our clients attending to safety, quality and detail. Although time changes many things, there are some basic principles that never change, and for us, customer satisfaction is still our reason to exist. 

Thomas J. Watson, Founder of IBM once said: “The great accomplishments of men have resulted from transmission of ideas and enthusiasm” and that has been our work ethic at BLDM. Since the beginning, our staff has worked with eagerness to please our clients and we have been able to pass along our knowledge and experience from generation to generation in order to deliver quality and timely work. 

As we move forward unto the 21st century, BLDM is ready to face the challenge of a new era, embracing new technology and innovation but maintaining our “Customer first commitment”. Due to this commitment to our clients and their projects, is why we have had many repeated clients throughout the years. For us, every client and project is important: from the smallest to the largest, from the simple to the complex. In order to have successful results, we provide the necessary expertise and resources according to the client and project needs.

BLDM, LLC has the strength and experience to move forward the projects and recommend the most cost effective and competitive pricing for our client’s benefit. For more than 50 years that has been our commitment, and we will continue delivering the best possible service at the most competitive prices for many years to come.

Eng. Francisco Díaz-Massó
President & CEO