About BLDM

Bermúdez, Longo, Díaz-Massó, LLC is one of America’s leading specialty construction companies. The company was incorporated in 1962 as Bermúdez & Longo Inc., in San Juan, Puerto Rico, became a special partnership in 1992, and evolved into Bermúdez, Longo, Díaz-Massó, LLC in 2007. A progressive and innovative company, Bermúdez, Longo, Díaz-Massó, LLC currently has responsibility for over 800 employees in a direct and indirect capacity. For more than half a century BLDM, LLC has been involved in construction work, providing a range of services to both domestic and international clients. The company has earned its reputation for integrity and professionalism across all major sectors with tailored services to suit each project or client. As electrical and mechanical contractors, BLDM performs annually over one hundred million dollars of work in projects of widely varied sizes and degrees of complexity. Leaders in the field, our work is characterized by the smooth flow of the projects resulting from expert management and capable supervisory personnel combined with well-trained field crews. Our staff is well-known in the industry for the assistance rendered in the preliminary stages of the projects design analysis and cost evaluations. The company is engaged in a variety of industrial and commercial projects, from housing to commercial developments, from institutional buildings to industrial facilities. BLDM, LLC also performs a considerable amount of infrastructure projects while serving the local utilities and telecommunication industry. See our Company Brochure.


To be the Construction Industry most respected customer service organization based on our commitment to provide competitive quality electrical and mechanical installations.


To provide integrated electrical and mechanical services through the dedication of our well trained team, using the highest standards of safety, value and integrity.