Mechanical Services

Industrial, Institutional and Commercial

The Industrial, Institutional & Commercial Mechanical Division is Bermúdez, Longo, Díaz-Massó, LLC’s largest operating unit, contributing over one-third of its total revenue. This Mechanical Division, as we normally call it, employs more than two hundred (200) full time craft personnel. These individuals, who have the skills and experience, are responsible for the construction of industrial, institutional and commercial facilities. The Mechanical Division normally performs the following construction work:

• Site underground work
• Pipe fabrication and installation
• Equipment and machinery installation
• Boiler installation
• Process piping and vessel erection
• Welding and metal fabrication
• Orbital process pipe welding
• Thermal insulation
• Controls & building management
• Process equipment installation
• HVAC related work
• Fire protection
• Plumbing related work


Eng Javier MenendezEng. Javier Menéndez
Division Vice President
BSEE University of Puerto Rico 1996
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