Environmental Health and Safety

BLDM has an Accident Prevention Plan based on a sincere desire to eliminate personal injury, occupational illness, equipment and property damage, and to protect its employees, as well as the general public and customer’s employees. Company management and project supervision are charged with the responsibility of implementing and enforcing safety policies and guidelines. Responsibility for the administration of the Safety and Accident Prevention Plan has been assigned by the President of the Company to the EHS Manager. The EHS Manager and Project Manager assist in the surveillance of the projects, and audit their programs to ensure compliance with the company’s policies and with state and federal regulations. Project Managers hold monthly meetings with craft Superintendents and craft Foremen to evaluate, discuss, and analyze the effectiveness of the EHS Plan. The project meetings are intended to improve EHS practices and to ensure adherence to the company’s EHS standards. Failure to observe EHS standards is cause for the immediate discharge of violators. Agencies’ standards for safety and health for the construction and maintenance industry systematically are reviewed by the EHS Manager.

BLDM, LLC will occasionally modify its EHS Plan to fit the needs of a specific client or project. The following are some basic safety standards of practices applicable to all the company.

• 100% eye and fall protection
• Training for foremen, general foremen and supervision
• Pre-work orientation
• Incentive safety awards for craftsmen
• Weekly inspection of lifting equipment
• Job site inspection

The deliberate attitude and continued determination of all BLDM, LLC’s personnel to achieve the highest possible measure of safety and the prevention of accidents is a high priority goal. Although we are engaged in many projects which normally carry a high risk, such as heavy and highway work and commercial building projects, we have maintained an enviable safety record in the industry, BLDM, LLC’s main concern in the constant development and updating of its EHS Plan has always been the welfare of our people. Proper training, the involvement of all project personnel, including client personnel, and the constant analysis of results will continue to improve our performance records and lower our overall job costs. 

In addition to our on-going efforts to prevent the number of accident and injuries on each project, we are also concentrating on reducing the nature and severity of possible injuries. As a result of this effort, the average BLDM, LLC’s cost per claim is well below the industry average.

BLDM, LLC welcomes any client input and participation in available safety incentive programs.